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about nancy duning.

Nancy Dunning was a mother, a wife, sister, daughter, aunt, friend and some would call her, “The Queen of Del Ray.” She became a real estate agent and helped to bring new buyers and develop the neighborhood so many have come to love and cherish, called Del Ray. She, along with others, saw beyond the closed businesses and under-developed spaces, and had a vision to see what now is frequently referred to as, “The Avenue,” the shops that have found homes along Mt. Vernon Avenue. On December 5, 2003, Nancy was murdered by a now-convicted serial killer in her home in Del Ray. Her death impacted the hearts of many, who have long sought to honor her memory and the joy, optimism and life she brought to our little community in the BIG city. 

Her daughter Liz said it best in the eulogy she gave at her funeral, “There wasn’t a day of my life – and there won’t be one – when I wasn’t sure that my mom loved me, that she believed in me, that she was proud of me. And with or without a secret decoder ring, a cape, or a phone booth to change in, it truly takes a superhero to, in this crazy messed up world, love people so well and so much. So perfectly. It takes all that to be what I have – the best mom in the world.” We want to help Nancy’s memory live on, and show someone who loved SO many, that she is remembered, thought of often, and will always have a special place to reflect, sit quietly and be beautiful in the Nancy Dunning Gardens. To complete Phase 1 of the project we need to raise $24,000 by June 30 2018.

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