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about the splash park.

The Colasanto Pool has been closed since 2010. It has been an eyesore in the community ever since it closed, and its located right at the intersection that greets people to our neighborhood. The city plans on making it into a spray park for children in 2020, but we need to raise funds to both clear the site and make it into an inviting, green space that works for both adults and children year round and reflects the spirit of the Del Ray. We have been awarded Alexandria’s Community Match Fund for Phase 1 of the project that would take down the chain link fence, take out the old wooden posts, and deck over the pool space so the area can be used in the meantime as a green space for families. This space will continue to be named the Colasanto Park. To complete Phase 1 of the project, we need to raise $24,000 by June 30, 2018.

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